Environment & CSR

Corporate Responsibility

As part of Brother Group, we are absolutely committed to minimising our environmental impact, providing the very best working conditions for our employees and making a positive contribution to our local communities.

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Image of an aqueduct which is local to Brother Industries UK


Our local community is very important to us, and we have a responsibility to assist wherever we can. As a large employer in our local area, we create opportunities for our employees to get involved with and support local charities and organisations.

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Our People

Globally, Brother employs over 38,000 people. At Brother Industries (U.K.) Ltd, our people are the backbone to the success our business, and we encourage them to live healthy, happy lives both in and outside of work.

Our People at Brother
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Environmental Excellence is the life-blood of our company, and we are absolutely committed to minimising our environmental impact and providing environmental services, all contributing to a sustainable business.

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