COVID-19 Statement

During these unprecedented times our priorities remain as follows:
  1. The health and safety of our staff
  2. Supporting our customers' requirements by keeping the business running as best we can

Point 1

Staff H&S - we are working diligently to safeguard our employees. We have already implemented several actions in line with government guidelines, especially on social distancing. Our key actions include:

Working from Home: Most of our office staff are now WFH. We are operating a skeleton crew which has reduced the number of staff on site.

On site workers - All areas, including all production lines and sections, have now been changed to meet the "2-meter rule" which is being enforced without exception. New protocols to using the canteen and the end of day exit are in place.

Additional cleaning is underway.

Point 2

Our external moulding customers include companies that supply parts used on printers in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Furthermore, we supply moulded parts for use in medical equipment

As the situation continues to change rapidly we will continue to assess the situation every day, taking into consideration any changes in customer demand and making changes here as necessary.

We are analysing our supply chains and our customer requirements to best support our customers.


Factory is OPEN